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Welcome to my online portfolio

Quick Information:

  • I have work in both print and digital media.
  • My portfolio work includes print pieces such as packaging and displays, logos, brochures, catalogs and more.
  • I included a wide variety of my work to give you an idea of what I can do for you.
  • You can contact me at: Beth Shergalis

My Resume

I've been very privileged to work in a field that I love. Being a designer is very gratifying with many opportunities to grow and evolve, especially with today's technology. A good designer will never be bored.

In 2009, BD sold the division in which I was working. Not a very appealing time to find a job given the economy, I decided to take the road less traveled by taking freelancing positions. The last few years I have spent working in digital media. My past experience working in printed media has provided a solid foundation for the ever-changing world of visual communications.

  • Photos: Even though you may not recognize the company names, I'm sure you will recognize their products.
  • Note: When I was employed at Sportcraft, I designed a net scoring system that the company patented.

RowZone.net - Designer/Owner

June 2010 / Present

Design and develop line of apps for rowers - Web design for computer and mobile devices - Create marketing materials in print and web/social media - Design and execute graphics for animation, whiteboard animation, infographics, ads and promotional materials

Becton Dickenson - Senior Designer

May 2003 / August 2009

Designed and produced packaging, brochures, P.O.P.'s and catalogs - Provided creative direction to outside agencies - Maintained electronic files and print standards for company archives - Worked closely with Sales and Marketing to ensure time lines were met

Reckitt Benckiser - Senior Designer

September 2000 / April 2003

Managed consumer packaging design and line extensions for highly visible brands; Lysol, Woolite, Choreboy Brands - Managed budgets for individual brands - Worked closely with Marketing Brand managers - Maintained records of legal, regulatory and engineering approvals - Supervised work for outside vendors - Made presentations to brand Marketing Managers - Attended press checks

Sportcraft Ltd. - Senior Designer

October 1994 / January 2000

Directed photography for use on packaging, sell sheets and catalogs - Supported sales and marketing - Redesigned instructions for all games resulting in easy consumer use - Initiated company's first web site, which helped cut down on customer service requests for printed materials - Attended press checks - Coordinated and created visual materials for trade shows

Bergen Community College

Sept 1982 / June 1984

Graphic Design studies: Courses included design, layout, photography and typography.

Because of today's technology, communication is changing constantly. I believe education comes in many different forms, and as such, I keep up with it by learning in many different ways. Whether reading articles or searching the internet for information and videos, I make sure to keep up with the latest software and trends.

I have accumulated many skills in my career and some I use many on a daily basis. I have listed some of them below. .


Because of its versatility, this is one of my favorite programs in which to work. I use it for creating ads, banner art, UI art, and illustrations. Since I have used this just about everyday for at least 15 years, I am very confident in my skills.


This is another program that I use extensively. I know the ins and outs of this program, and it is excellent for anything viewed on a screen or tablet. All the artwork for RowZone's apps are assembled and finished in this program. I use it for retouching too.


I used this program for the RowZone.net site and email blasts. I can do both responsive and fixed sites. I also used this when I designed Sportcraft Ltd's first website.


I use HTML, CSS, Bootstrap in tangent with Dreamweaver. I am very comfortable with these two coding formats. They allow me to get under the hood of Dreamweaver and customize my websites. JQuery has allowed me to build a better user interface, and I love using it.


A great program that I use with After Effects. I have also created a good amount of web banners with this program.

After Effects

I really love using this program. It has been very useful for promotional materials on social media or websites.


I use this when I need anything that has to be printed on a press. I have used for catalogs, brochures, and some print ads.

Portfolio of Beth Shergalis

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